Flower Mountain Tree Services
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Services & Rates

We provide a free first-time consultation, so that we may evaluate your project and provide an accurate assessment of scope and price.

The prices below should be considered a baseline for cost*.
Straightforward tree removal, with no clean up, is only $100/tree, but technical removals requiring ropes or climbing cost reasonably more.

* Prices are subject to change. Last updated 5/25/22

Tree Services Description Rate
Simple tree removal A tree with no obstacles around it, plenty of room to drop in any direction.
Felled from the ground, no clean up.
Technical tree removal Requires assistance to bring it down in the proper direction, avoiding obstacles.
Felled from the ground, no clean up.
Climbing tree removal A small drop zone may require your tree to be removed piece by piece from the top-down,
requiring a tree climber.
bid required
Arborist (Zack) hourly Certified arborist (ISA) utilized for consultation, tree health concerns, and advanced projects. $85/hour
Ground worker hourly All work can be done from the ground,
no climbing involved.
Climbing worker hourly Work requires a tree climber to accomplish the intended tasks. $140/hour
Chipping Chipping logs and branches with industrial strength chipper. Wood chips stay at your place
or are hauled away.
Debris haul away Haul all debris away (chips, logs, branches). Quote on request

Excavator Services Description Rate
Excavator move in (delivery & pickup of excavator) $150
Excavator with bucket and operator $125
Excavator with grapple and operator $180
Excavator with flail mower and operator $180
Excavator with stump grinder and operator Bid required