Flower Mountain Tree Services
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About Us

Flower Mountain Tree Services is owned and operated by Zack and Irene Blomberg. Zack has been working and playing in the forests of Lopez Island all of his life and together, he and Irene have made their home on it's southern end.

As a certified arborist in the northwestern United States, Zack has more than 15 years of experience helping people with trees.
He understands the roles trees play in defining our homes and sanctuaries, the challenges they can present to them, and the importance of balancing landscape changes with health of the land.

Living in a small, rural community, most people on Lopez Island know Zack as the goto "tree guy". His notoriety for successfully felling daunting trees is well known. In addition to an intimate knowledge of tree work, Zack is well versed in most homesteading skills and is experienced with all manners of machinery.

Cutting rounds for table tops.